Crickett the Boston Terrier
Crickett the Boston
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Crickett the Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Mixes

by Renée van Opijnen on 05/24/18

  • Basston
  • Baussie
  • Bo-Chi
  • Bo-Dach
  • Bo-Jack
  • Boglen Terrier
  • Bosapso
  • BoShih
  • Boskimo
  • Bospin
  • Bossi-Poo
  • Bostchon
  • Bostillon
  • Bostinese
  • Boston Bulldog
  • Boston Cattle Dog
  • Boston Iggy
  • Boston Irish
  • Boston Malterrier
  • Boston Spaniel
  • Boston Westie
  • Brat
  • Buggs
  • Chinese Boston-Tzu
  • Foxton
  • Frenchbo Bulldog
  • Miniboz
  • Piston
  • Pomston
  • Sharbo
  • Shibos

My knight in shining armor.

by Renée van Opijnen on 05/23/18

She wasn't looking for a knight,
she was looking for a sword.


Lions vs Bostons

by Renée van Opijnen on 05/02/18

Fell in love with my son's Boston Terrier.  She satisfies my childhood desire for a lion cub and to live born free.  

Museum Quality

by Renée van Opijnen on 05/01/18

But the Boston, this particular Boston, is all three of those combined: marvel, model and masterpiece.

-Vincent G. Perry

The Future of Money

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/30/18

Crickett the Boston

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/30/18

Fell in love with my son's Boston Terrier.  Now I write poems about her in my head.

Boston Terrier Owners

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/30/18

Boston Terrier owners:

Louis Armstrong, American jazz trumpeter and singer
Gerald R Ford, 38th President of the United States of America
Warren G Harding, 29th President of the United States of America
Helen Keller, American author, political activist and lecturer
LeAnn Rimes, American country singer
Joan Rivers, American actress, comedian, writer and producer
Rose Mcgowan, American actress, singer and director
Alison Sweeney, American actress, director and author
Jake Gyllenhall, American actor
Marilyn Manson, American musician, actor and painter
Norman Reedus, American actor and model
Brendon Urie, American singer, songwriter and musician
Sonny Rollins, American jazz tenor saxophone
Robin Williams, American Actor and comedian
Framke Janssen, Dutch actress, director and screenwriter
Ian van Opijnen, American Dutch musician and producer

Raindrops keep falling on my head

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/27/18

I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining;
because I'm free, nothings worrying me.

-BJ Thomas, Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Wicked Awesome I'm from Boston

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/27/18

Message in a bottle

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/27/18

for whatever we lose
(like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves
we find in the sea.

-EE Cummings

Calling all Boston Terriers

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/27/18

Adweek took an in-depth look at an important decision advertisers find themselves wrestling with when casting an ad:  What kind of dog do people love the most right now? Although Buzzfeed listicles might imply that Corgis or French Bulldogs are the "it breed" of the moment, Michael Ventre reports, "today definitely belongs to the Boston Terrier."

-Business Insider, NYC

Boston Terrier Club

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/26/18

Fortunately our breed has outgrown Boston.

It is much bigger than any city in the world.

At one time because a man lived in Boston he was considered an authority on the breed, but altho there are still many good men in Boston who have the interest of the breed at heart, and who know their dog, there are just as many men with just as much knowledge and just as sincerely interested in the Boston terrier in dozens of other centers thruout the United States and Canada.

-Vincent G. Perry

The big little dog

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/26/18

He is a marvelous little dog, this Boston terrier of ours.  He is too firmly established in public favor and too magnificent in himself to be hampered by petty politics, or the working of cliques.

All hail to the Boston terrier, the big little dog, the Boston terrier!

-Vincent G. Perry

Ears up! Ears down!

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/26/18

Ears up!

Ears down!

The ideal Boston Terrier

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/26/18

Expression, that elusive, beautiful thing that is so much a part of our dogs, is formed mainly by the eyes; the expression must be alert, but kind and intelligent. When a Boston Terrier is showing on the block and you look down into his face, you want to see an expression shining from his eyes that says in a very polite dog language - "gosh, how I love you, but for the love of Mike, give a nibble of that piece of liver." Loving, but alive. 

-Vincent G. Perry

Mark Twain quote stated backward

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/26/18

In Philadelphia they ask, who where his parents?

In New York, how much is he worth?

In Boston, how much does he know?

-Mark Twain quote stated backward

Lookout Rock, Uxbridge MA

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/25/18

Rhett the Boston Terrier

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/25/18

The Boston Terrier became the Boston University mascot on November 15, 1922. The mascot was later named "Rhett" after the character from Gone With the Wind, since nobody loves Scarlett more than Rhett. 

The Roundheads

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/25/18

The Roundheads

The Boston Terrier originated in 1865 by a handful of coachmen living in the Beacon Hill area of Boston. The original Boston was developed as a "man's dog", but never gained popularity as a fighter. Mr. Robert C. Hooper purchased a dog named Judge, a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier, from Mr. William O'Brien also of Boston, who had imported the dog from Europe. Bred down in size with French Bull dogs, it later became popular with women as a pet.

The Olde Boston Bulldogge was first shown in 1870 in Massachusetts. By 1889 the breed had become popular that fanciers formed the American Bull Terrier Club; their nickname "the roundheads". The American Kennel Club (AKC) cites Hooper's Judge as the ancestor of almost all true Boston Terriers; his offspring providing the foundation for "the Boston".

Despite the name, the Boston Terrier is not recognized as a terrier by the AKC and was the first non-sporting dog bred in U.S.A. With tuxedo-like markings and possessing so fine a disposition free of its ancestors' fighting temperament, they gained the nickname "The American Gentleman".  

The first registered Boston Terrier admitted to the AKC studbook was a male named Hector in 1893.  Three years later a female, Topsy, became the first Champion at the Philadelphia Dog Show.  In comparison of specimens of each sex, the only evident difference is a slight refinement in the females composition - her overall appearance and structure.  

canis familiaris bostenensis

by Renée van Opijnen on 04/25/18

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